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  1. Why Pakistan is just as beautiful as Switzerland

    Welcome to Pakistan

    Why Pakistan is just as beautiful as Switzerland

    1. Gwadar, Balochistan

    Photo: Parhlo website
    2. Bara Pani, Deosai

    Photo: Parhlo website
    3. Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir

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  2. Foods that will make your hair grow faster

    Are you sick of dry, brittle hairs that need to be chopped every time you try to grow them out? Have you always imagined yourself with a long, lustrous mane but never really achieved it? Well then, look no further. Ms T is here with a list of foods to stimulate hair growth and ...
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  3. Karachista: A foodie and a patriot

    Karachista: A foodie and a patriot

    The restaurant offers contemporary desi food that Akbar proudly refers to as solely Pakistani.

    LAHORE: Mahmood Akbar is passionate about food. It is both his profession and obsession. From an early age, he watched his mother cook in the warmth of their Rawalpindi kitchen. And he was fascinated by the magical process, whereby seemingly mundane ingredients were turned into a variety of different, ...
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  4. Six healthy ways to get rid of heart ache!

    Break-up diet: Six healthy ways to get rid of heart ache! We have all devoured countless bars of chocolate and tonnes of ice cream tubs in an effort to lessen the throbbing pain in an attempt to fill the emptiness inside.

    By Reema Arshad

    Heart break is as fundamental to life as breathing. We are all born, learn to walk, laugh, ...
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  5. 40 things that Pakistani men hate to hear

    The Good Life

    1. We need to talk
    2. Do I look fat?
    3. Umm thereís this new store at the mallÖ
    4. Iím not hungry hungry, but Iíll share your garlic mayo fries.
    5. Why do you have to hang out with Fahad so much? Is he your boyfriend?
    6. Oh never mind, Yasir is just a friend. But I donít get a good vibe from Ramsha so you better not talk to her.
    7. Iím not one of those girls.
    8. Youíre just like a
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